Electronics Design, Industrial and 3D CAD

Fluid Automation is my current and most ambitious project. In collaboration with incredibly talented partners we are building an IoT platform to wirelessly monitor recreational boats and RV batteries.
My specific areas of practice are: electronics engineering, PCB desing and manufacturing, industrial and graphic design.

Check out getfluid.io

Product Design, On and Offline Retail Concepts

I love beautiful objects and design. Here are some pics showcasing some past projects, including a cycling concept store, and some branding and product photography.


Quick edits in no particular order.

Early Drone Trials

One of the first flights with my Phantom 3. Some pans and transitions are clumsy, but the landscape, light and sountrack make it quite soothing to watch.

Kite Action Fun

GoPro footage with the camera attached mid lines under the kite. This was shot on a glorious day North of Geraldton on the amazing Spot “X”.

Trip With the Bros

Some lucky drone shots in there thanks to a great wingman, great lights and breathtaking  landcape of the Abrohlos islands, offshore of Geraldton, Western Australia.

Real Estate vs. Covid

Improvised real estate virtual tour while the COVID lock down forbid house opens. The sound capture is dreadful, I know I should have invested in a better mic.


Having been mixing music in parties, bars and festivals since I was a teenager I more recently felt the urge to create. So I began producing beats, and started a podcast. 

Tech Hour

Smooth tech house blend, this is really my zone of comfort when mixing music at public venues.

First Score

Very first try producing an ambient pad. Note to self: learn mixing and mastering skills. (I like it though!)

Chasse Podcast

Talking bikes casually and trying to encourage people to enjoy cycling without the fuss. 
Available on iTunes and Spotify.

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